The new South Melbourne Life Saving Club responds to the linear nature of the foreshore that stretches from St. Kilda to Port Melbourne. Both Beaconsfield Parade and the beach promenade are primarily concerned with linear north/south movement, which prompted the built form to capture and celebrate this dynamic flow and horizon line beyond.

As this is a public building, we wanted it to feel open and accessible to the community. The transparent multi-purpose space to its south, as well as the covered, open deck encourages views to the bay, and offers an opportunity to pause and engage with the beach, the club and any community functions happening within.

The observation room and skylights playfully illuminate interiors and flick up out of the roof, mimicking sails and boating activities on the bay.

Appreciating the location as a popular recreation destination, the generous terraced decks spill from the verandah down to the beach level, providing the club and public ample opportunities to inhabit and enjoy the beachside environment.


RAIA Victorian Architecture Awards:Public Architecture Commendation