We are committed to embedding Indigenous design protocols into built environment processes through advocacy and design. Sarah Lynn Rees (Palawa) and Jack Mitchell (Noongar) are architectural staff and Indigenous Advisors at JCB. Through and in partnership with Sarah and Jack, we contribute to furthering the professions’ awareness, and that of our own practice, in regards to Indigenous design protocols for procurement, design, engagement, construction, post-occupation and publication. We believe this process should be embedded across architectural practice beyond JCB, and are committed to sharing our process and learnings with other organisations.

Contact us here for more information.


We offer Indigenous engagement services through our IA:AD team. These services are catered towards the specific needs of each client, including but not limited to: advising of built environment protocols and processes, Traditional Owner engagement, design review and public speaking.


We are in the process of creating a half-day workshop, designed to share how built environment processes can align with Indigenous values and protocols. If you are interested in attending a workshop, please send an email to iaad@jcba.com.au and we will contact you when the workshop is up and running.


From time to time we will upload or provide a link to resources we find useful and interesting for built environment professionals.


JCB have established our Indigenous Advisory Architecture and Design Service on an internal not for profit basis. All proceeds from our provision of Indigenous Advisory Services are re-invested in a range of strategies supporting the recognition of Indigenous Australia through Architecture and Design. We thank you for your support and contribution to this important initiative.