Geelong Grammar School commissioned JCB to provide full consultancy services for the staged redevelopment of six boarding houses, include new built accommodation and heritage refurbishments, as well as building additions and extensions. Each new stage of the redevelopment brings with it a need to balance two factors: the need for a clear and legible sense of school identity, with the opportunity to create design diversity across the campus.

Accommodation types vary from four bed dormitories for younger students, to single bedrooms for year 11 and 12 students. Bedrooms and common rooms are mixed to encourage interaction between the different year levels. A consistent thematic across the campus is the need to improve circulation routes and view lines to the surrounding grounds, as well as the need to provide improved natural daylight, all of which were lacking in the existing buildings.



Gross Floor Area:

Approx 2500m2 each


Geelong Grammar School, Corio

General Contractor:

Harris HMC, Shape Group & Walton Construction


Emily Bartlett