Projects which challenge the status quo require an open and engaging dialogue between client and architect.  From the outset our client wanted us to question how their administrative worked and how buildings at Monash could be adapted.  As a result a simple 'paint and carpet' upgrade became for Monash University both an exemplar workplace fit out and example of adaptive reuse.

The existing building model of cellular offices running off a central corridor was turned on its head. Circulation was moved to the facades to allow light to penetrate deep into the plan.  As a result workstations could be arranged in a semi-open-plan format through the centre of the floorplate.  Work areas are grouped in sets of 8 that allow administrative teams to collaborate and adapt to the changing needs of the Faculty. Bespoke joinery supports the work areas.  Adjacent break-out spaces and small meeting rooms allow users more private work and meeting opportunities should they be required.

Honest materials such as timber and terrazzo are used throughout the shared spaces, and pops of colour breakthrough in fabrics, finishes and bespoke art bringing both a sense of play and sophistication to palette.



Gross Floor Area:



Monash University Faculty of Science


Peter Clarke