The street canopy at Punch Lane provides a comfortable, warm and safe environment outside a well-established restaurant and wine bar. A retractable overhead awning and vivid green leaf-patterned translucent screen forms a semi-enclosed barrier along the street. The canopy not only activates the restaurant but also acts as a piece of robust street furniture, adding a further layer to this vibrant part of town.

The structure’s translucency allows people to view the passing street activity, and engage with their surroundings and the people around them. This further emphasises the appeal of outdoor seating.

Every element of the space is designed to be as flexible as possible, changing with the time of day, the weather, the number of people and customer demands.

When the restaurant is closed, the awnings can be retracted and the screens removed to reveal a basic steel structure – much like the trunks and branches of the adjacent street trees. However, when the restaurant is open, depending on the weather, the retractable awnings can provide shade, the integrated radiant heaters provide warmth, and the concealed lighting provides an ambient candle like glow.

Flexible seat types, and adjustable tables ensures that every outdoor seating scenario can be catered for.


RAIA Victorian Architecture Awards: Urban Design

State of Design Awards: Exhibited Finalist


Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung





Gross Floor Area:

10 sqm


Punch Lane Restaurant


Andrew Beate


John Gollings