The Piermont project is positioned on a remarkable site that juts out into the eastern coastline of Tasmania. The history of the site is significant in terms of its existing architecture and was imagined as a ‘village’ community recalling well-crafted vernacular stone buildings of scenic Spanish hilltops.

This new collection of houses has been imagined with this context in mind. The typology of houses consists of three propositions and associated variations which are all complementary to one another and their conditions of siting.

The strategic positioning of house types has been considered to allow vistas to the ocean and oriented to maximise passive solar penetration and views to the north. The site is also protected from prevailing SW winds.

The form making idea of each house type is responsive to its landscape setting with gentle skillion roofs falling parallel with the land’s topography. Each house has a plinth made from locally sourced stone that recalls the dominant material of the historic village.






In Progress


Hecker Guthrie


Gabriel Saunders (renders)