The Park St Dental surgery is a  three-level medical facility providing dental care to patients in a fresh and  contemporary yet comfortable environment.

Due to the constraints of a very long and narrow site, with north-south orientation, all habitable rooms were carefully located to receive natural daylight and ventilation. This was through the front or rear glazed facades or through a series of internal courtyard voids which penetrate all three levels of the building.

The challenges of a medical brief required specific lighting levels, complex services integration and a restrained materials selection and palette for hygiene and maintenance. This limitation was embraced to create a highly minimalist interior of stark beauty. Additionally, the design solution provided accent colours of green throughout joinery and courtyard elements to provide moments of relief and warmth for patients and staff alike.

The main building facade to Park St is clad in black zinc, creating a hard-edged and distinguishing addition to the street. This feature sets the building apart from the surrounding non-descript streetscape, and enhances the surgery’s profile.


Boon Wurrung