JCB’s design proposal for a new multi residential development in Collingwood revolves around the idea of creating a residential ‘habitat’: a comfortable place to live, thrive and grow.

Pushing the built form envelope in an urban design sense, our aim was to challenge the height status quo and preconceived ideas of ‘appropriate’ architecture. This enabled us to find additional ‘yield’ for our client, while creating a new iconic form for the neighbourhood that considers both Collingwood’s industrial character and Hoddle St’s non-descript landscape.

Five key components contribute to the design concept: The Landscape, The Laneway, The Plaza, The Podium and The Towers, each with its own programmatic function and form.

A common architectural theme of the towers is the assembly of randomly-shaped boxes, a nod to the industrial history of the site. These appear to float in a sculptural arrangement and significantly reduce the sense of mass. As such, the composition is scaleless in appearance.


Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung